Monday, December 27, 2010

isn't it funny

well, i guess ive been doing so bad at this lately that i'm trying to make up for it now, or maybe i'm just that bored.

it's funny to me to this about when people actually feel like their life is beginning. is it when you graduate high school, get a real job, get married, whats the answer. i'm not writing this as though i have one...i'm actually trying to figure out what it is. why is it that we are always looking for something new to happen or to get to the next thing before we are satisfied or feel like we are grown up? what about the actual process of growing.

the whole time that i was at, my mom kept saying that she couldn't wait for me to grow up...but what does that mean exactly...b/c i feel like i learned more about myself and life during that time then any other part. and guess i'm done with college and i still don't feel like i am "grown" i mean i am just now getting started in a job and still not making any money or being able to afford living on my what does that make me? still a kid?

so what makes you grown? is it age or life experience?

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