Monday, December 27, 2010

Adventures of my prince charming.

So, for my birthday this year, my sweet angel boyfriend got me a puppy. His name is Pablo, and I am totally and completely obssessed with him!! Oh my gosh.

I always wanted a dog. You know, one that you can hold and carry around in your purse and snuggle on the couch with and things of that nature...little did I know what I was really in store for. This little man is the love of my life...but a holy terror!! wow

Problem number one has been potty training. I think its nothing short of impossible. At first we were trying to pad trian him but after he was totally not getting it and peeing EVERYWHERE!! We decided that it would probably be better to let him pee outside. That was until we are the ones having to take him outside and its SNOWING, haha I would rather him pee in the house. And even when he does go like two seconds he still will poop inside, so if any one has any insite to this problem, it would be sooo greatly appreciated!

But other then this, he is a precious little angel and I don't remember where my life was without him.

Yesterday he got kicked out of wal-mart. more to come on that later :)


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