Sunday, December 26, 2010

Changing lives.

Life changes so quickly. There are so many things that I had planned on when I started this blog this time last year. Friends change, families change, even enemies change.

I am almost done with cosmetology school now, only one more 10 week session and I will be out and taking the test to have my liscense. I actually never thought I would be done with school, this is a 7 year stretch. I have the best job in the world at an amazing salon in Buford and I am slowly but surely gaining a clientel...very slowly. I know God with be faithful though and this is where I feel that I am supposed to be. I have so many amazing things in my life to be thankful for. I have the most amazing man in my life. I have never seen someone that loves Jesus more in my life. I can tell the devil is strongly working in my life sometimes when it comes to our relationship... Sometimes it drives me crazy with how much he wants to talk about God and things like that. Its what I have always wanted... and nowwww I just know the devil is doing everything in his power to take control of this situation.

However, in the friends department, I definately seem to be lacking. Maybe that is how God wants it. I am trying to steer clear of the alcohol and the weed and things of that nature. I am really doing well when its just matt and i, but the friends that I have seem to only want to do that. I don't want to act like I am better then them, or that I am condiming them but I just know that if I am around things like that then I"m not going to be able to say no like that. It won't be easy so I just don't want to put myself in that situation and they just don't understand. I would rather just hang out with them and do things like just the girls or even just watch a movie or something but I don't wnat to do anything with alcohol or anything like that. I know I'm not perfect but It just makes it harder when everyone else is doing things that I am trying not to do.

Life is just full of changes and sometimes you realize what you are all about as a person when things are the worst that they could possibly get. I want 2011 to be another year of change for me. I want to God to reveal things to me that I never would have imagined.

This could be amazing <3>

Next uppppp....The stories of the babyyyy

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