Monday, January 3, 2011

::Life in Lessons:: 2010

It's hard to say where I should even begin when it comes to the lessons that I have learned in 2010 and how much my life has changed. I'm pretty certain in my ability to say that this is the year that God showed me what it really means to live a life consumed with Him and his will. My life will never be the same!!!

Starting last January, I learned what it really means to be alone and fully rely on God for my purpose. Before this year, i thought that I could put my God on the back burner. I could party now and do whatever made me happy in the moment and God would still be there when I felt like it was time for me to re-introdce the father into my life. I thought it was totally fine if i did what I wanted and lied to my parents and my friends. It was no big deal as long as I had a boy and was happy with myself then everything was totally fine and God would be there when I was ready. How could I have ever expected the Lord to take over my life the way he has.

Last Christmas I lost something that I thought was the most important thing in my life. It was soimething that I would was more perfect than anything I could have imagined but while I was living my life to make myself happy, suddenly, it was gone. It was at that point that everything changed and embarked on my most life changing year!!

In Febuary, I celebrated my very first Valentine's day as a single girl. It's kinda sad to say that I was 23 years old before I realized what it really meant to be romanced by my savior. Now I didn't exactly spend it totally single....I did spend it with the most amazing freinds ever! But there wasnt just me and a guy. For once. I finally realized that it was a little easier to actually wholly spend time with my God when i wasn't consumed with a guy to make all of my needs met and entertain me at the same time.

In march..things honestly starting to take a turn for the old. I began to lost focus, and miss my old friend and my old life. I do, however think this is a little normal. Most of the time, when you being to gove up everything that you thought was normal and changed your whole view of normality. I still didn't have a job, or a boyfriend and my friends were beginning to go out all of the it was compleltly normal right? wrong. I needed prayer. Then came April.

I finally got a new job!!!! And I started school. Things were starting to look up and I began to realize that maybe my plan and God's plan really were in sync. I then realized that more struggles were only to come. When you are doing Gods will and striving for his perfect plan in your life, the devil desires to take full control. This became the main struggle for me with the people that I was now working with and going to school with. I don't want to list out the things that were important to these people or the things that they were doing that was so tempting to the person that I used to be. So these next few months did prove to be that much of a struggle.
Through May, June and July...there was just school, work, and haning out with my best friends. We went to the beach and did random things till all hours of the night...ya know, just being 20 somethings. haha.

And in June, in the midst of all of this...God brought the most amazing man into my life. He isn't perfect, no one is. But he is everything that I could have ever prayed for. He is a strong man of God that I never would have been able to put together on my own. I honestly feel like he is who God made for me.

August came, and everyone went back to school, leaving Matty and I to grow together and spend tons of our time growing and sharing with each other in the Lord. We made new friends and went on TONS of sweet dates and have had the time of our lives. At the end of August we celebrated Matts 25th birthday...then came September :)

With September came My birthday and the beginning of mine and Matthew's journey of being the most AMAZING little chahuahua EVER!! (he was my birthday present and you can follow his ridiculous adventrues in "Pablo's Adventures')

I have never had a dog of my own before so this has been a wonderful/stressful/bank-breaking time for me, but I have loved every second of it!
Next came October...which is my favorite season of all. FALL!! I love everything football and pumpkins and crisp air and leaves and omg. Everything about FALL :) Matt and I carved pumpkins and went to GA games and continued to grow in our amazing relationship!!


Friends came home for Thanksgiving and Christmas, family came into town and Matty and I celebrated our first Holidays and our 6 Month anniversary.

I can definately say that this year has been the most learned year of my life. I will forever be changed and see the world through different eyes since this year.
God is amazing. Jesus Saves

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