Sunday, March 21, 2010

Night Of Worship

Tonight was the Night of Worship at Blackshear Place and it was probably one of the most amazing thing that I have ever gotten to be a part of. Being as how I am musically inclined anyway, that is definately my favorite way to interact with my Lord! So tonight was soo moving. It definately brought me to tears mulitple times. There was a few songs that they like to add slides to up on the screans and most of them were of God and his cross and you could just see the pain and sorrow in his face. It is so un-imaginable to me that someone could do that for people. Like people he didn't even know. He died to save us. I know that it is something that most people, christian and non alike, have hear millions of times. But to really think about eactly what happend on that day. He knew that we would hurt him and betray him and ignor him and do our own thing most of the time, that we would lie and cheat and do irresponsible things and yet he still said, I love you enough to die for you. I could go on about this for days. God is so beyond amazing.

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