Sunday, January 31, 2010

ok sooo the fast.


When going through this fast I definately learned alot... and learned that fact i really don't know anything about myself at all. I have alot to learn. I love life really. But I just don't know what I am going to do. I lost my job through all of this... I'm ok with that because I have been praying about it and it didn't get started off the right way and my dad opened my eyes up recently to the fact that Integrity and Character are the most important things about a person and in the world of knowing someone. Nothing about that job started off like that.

There are things that I have also realized that need to be out of my life. Not to name names...but guys that do nothing but make you really sad on a daily basis, and girls that are nothing but trouble. I have truly learned that I should really take positive steps to making myself happy above anything else. and I will never be happy unless I am making God happy b/c he is the source of all happiness.

I need some romance in my life too...We will see where that goes.

But I have been hanging out with some new loves :)

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