Sunday, December 13, 2009

Church today was so awesome! We are finishing a series about Psalm 23 and today we did verse 6. Do you ever feel like sometimes you hear exactly what you need to hear to be right where you need to be? Verse 6 of this chapter tells us that SURELY His goodness and mercy will follow us all the days of our lives and the golry of the Lord will live in us FOREVER. Those two words are something that all girls want to hear. They want to be "sure" of something in their lives and for most of them that means a love. I have learned through my ministries and my own experiences that girls will do almost anything for that special someone to make sure that they will stay and to be sure of that relationship. In all honesty however, there is no certainty about anything. No one is going to be with you unfailingly because everyone has their own life to live and 9 times out of 10 what we think is right and perfect for us is not at all in God's perfect plan for us. Even as strong of a person as I think that I am at times, I want to feel that love that is unconditional and you know will never end... and I forget that nothing on earth is going to give me that satisfaction. The only sure thing in the world is not even in the world... it's GOD and GOD alone. Even if you find that in a person, they will eventually die and leave their earthly selves. So no matter how certain you think something is, it isn't.

Thinking of this message you could take it in a negative or a positive light. When you think that nothing is for sure no matter what you are looking for or how hard, it can be discouraging to think that you will always be searching for something that could never really happen. But if you have God as your Father and keeper of your heart, there is no reason for you to be even searching at all. You already have the certainty and security of never ever being alone living already in your heart. He is the only FOREVER. Even in death, the Bible says that to be absent of the body is to be present with God. And Heaven is for eternity. That is longer then FOREVER.

This is something that is extremly hard to grasp. Everyone, especailly girls want that tangible love and affection. But living this life is all about learning and as Christians we already have a love that is far more then anything that we could imagine a relationship with a human to be. When we learn to be unwaveringly satisfied with the love that God gives to us, he will bless us with the love of a person that is far more then we could have ever imagined for ourselves.

This will only happen when we are truely satisfied in the SURENESS and FOREVER of the perfect love of GOD.

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