Thursday, November 19, 2009

Lay it down.

I have this amazing feeling right now. I am sitting in my room, quietly...having some one on one God time. I really have felt him with me lately. It almost just brought me to tears. Sitting here all alone and I can feel His arms around me. I can feel him telling me to Trust in Him. He is all I need.

So often I find myself feeling that I need to "hear" an answer or actually be able to see something for it to be real to me. Its FAITH. I have God, He is all I do and EVER WILL need. It's TRUST. Knowing that He is there and is always with me. I find my self running to my phone and needing someone to talk to, I hate feeling alone. But the truth is, I am never alone. God is always right beside me, always there to listen. I know this is such elementary stuff. But sometimes I just feel that every thing is crashing down around me. I feel that I had everything figured out and new where my life was about to take me. No suprises. But God is just full of them. I literally feel like He just said..."oh wait, you think you had it figured out without me. Ha"

I need to go back to the beginning. I need to learn how to fully just rely on Him. and His amazing words. I know that He has an answer for everything. Why do I take so much time to hurt and feel sorry for myself when I could be using that time to look to God and dig into His word and find all of the answers that I am looking for.

No more excuses.

I will live my life for my amazing Father. He can take it from here...

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