Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Something amazing happened in my life this weekend. In the midst of the worst possible day ever, I realized exactly the change that needs to take place in my life.
I don't feel like I have ever honestly heard the voice of God so clearly as I did yesterday. When I totally thought that I was broked beyond the point of return and there was no way that this could get better, regretting going home to face real people, I heard Him.
I have longed for so long to hear God speak. I listen to people all the time tell me that they heard God say this and God spoke to them in this way. I was beginning to doubt my salvation because I could never remember a time that I actually heard God speak to me. But yesterday, I did. "Everything is going to be ok, but these things need to change."
It's incredible to me to know that I serve a God that can take something that you never think you will be able to get out of and make it the most amazing experience of your life. And now that I'm home, the things that he said are coming true. He is also a helpful God, He knows exactly the things that are hard for me to do on my own and he is taking the steps to remove those things from my life.
I have heard storys like this all of my life but I have never experience it for myself until yesterday and today. I truely serve the most phenominal God ever!! I could not be more excited about the friendships and the changes that are coming out of this situation.

Please pray for me as I continue to pursue these changes and steps in my life!!

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