Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Cooking For A Husband Who Eats Like A Child

     The struggle has been real lately. I am on diet overload and my husband eats like a 6 year old. He doesn't like veggies, he doesn't like anything "mushy", he won't eat whole wheat, or thin crust pizza, or low carb. This is leading to cooking 2 meals. I try my whole day to eat greek yogurt, protein shakes, egg whites, fruit, and protein. Dinner is a different story. Tonight, we are having crockpot chicken and dumplings. (which i try to make as healthy as possible) with gluten free dough and low sodium cream of chicken. Still this is not what I need to be eating.

   I sometimes feel like my workouts and days of eating less than flavorful things are worthless when I come home to cook and eat like that. However, if I had more willpower, this would probably not be an issue. I cannot turn down chicken and dumplings...I am a southern woman.

   Do men not understand how much goes into planning a weeks worth of meals and grocery shopping? Sometimes it is so frustrating to cook something that you think everyone will love, only to hear that it is so mushy or doesn't taste like your mom's. Last week I made stuffed shells. Who doesn't like those? They were filled with ricotta cheese, sausage, and spinach. Only a person with a 6 year old palate would disapprove. Well...

So what is the way to fix this issue? I have tried hiding ingredients, not telling him what is in it, and simply cooking him something to eat and myself something different. None have worked so far.

I will keep you posted.

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