Sunday, August 21, 2011


I know what is right and wrong. I have been raised in a family of Christians and a father that has instilled the value of integrity and character and how much they mean to a person. Yet I continue to find myself in situations that leave me thinking, "how did I get here," and "why do I think this is fun?" I have found myself lately so un-worthy of God's mercy that is continuously given to me.
So, how, knowing this, can I continuously put myself in situations that warrents needing his grace every morning. But one thing that I cannot imagine is living a life and not knowing what His grace feels like. I wake up each morning with certain regrets, but know that I can take those to the Father in prayer and that he will give me to strength to make it through the day knowing that the sins that I commit are already covered under the fact that he paid for all of them on the cross for me. personally.

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